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I waited a long time to feel this good about myself. No, let me correct that statement. I worked really hard to feel this good about myself. The storms passed but not without someone there to hold the umbrella. Through rain and shine, God preserved a piece of myself to give back to the world.

“Queer Kitsch” Thank you @etoileboutique for helping me style this outfit! Your presence in the Central Florida area provides Queer people the opportunity to feel more like themselves. I am one of those people. I am this way because of the Anima spirit. I am this beautiful queer soul who will continue to create art. …

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“Boy Bliss Cares” By Benjamin Gallagher Hello, I’m so lucky to live in a city that acknowledges transgender citizens. This mural was made possible by Bliss Healthcare. Bliss is a great resource for the LGBTQ community in Central Florida. They provide financial and medical options for transgender people. It’s also a great place to start …

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