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Thanks for supporting my page! Tonight I created a short post. The assignment was to write 50 kind words about myself. From there the exercise grew into a post about imagination. These days my dreams help me keep a fresh perspective on the world. I am someone that likes to daydream but seldom finds the time to develop those ideas into stories. This writing exercise helped me appreciate that one blip of a moment when inspiration strikes.

“Not Much Else” by Benjamin Gallagher

I look in the mirror and see a curly headed guy. He dances with a toothbrush in mouth. A low humming noise fills the bathroom. He tries to wake up from the nightmare of 2021. The door opens and out he goes to work at 4:30 A.M. in the morning. 

I am smart enough to know the difference between the person in the mirror and myself. The person in the mirror wears black every single day. He stretches between making lattes and drinking cold brew coffee. He also works from home two days a week. He doesn’t do much these days other than those couple of things.

As for myself, I think about living in a shiny synthetic life full of holographic people. I imagine eating pixelated strawberries for dinner and breakfast. A glitch in time disrupts the ordinary day of work and drinking too much coffee. I don’t do much else these days.

Thanks for reading! If you’re looking for something to do, write 50 words about yourself and see where the exercise takes you. I included a last minute video. Happy writing!


2 thoughts on “Writing Exercise Wednesday

  1. Ilene Gallagher says:

    Very impressive outlook. You are that guy in the mirror!

  2. Ilene Gallagher says:

    What I meant was you are the guy with the imagination and creativity or you wouldn’t be able to write this ❤️

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