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Last week, I shared an article called “My Ballroom ‘House Father’ Made Me the Man I Am Today” by Sydney Baroque on my Instagram channel. Baroque is a Journalist and Co-Executive Producer on HBO Max’s competition reality show, Legendary. In the article, Baroque shared a young man’s story about family and Queer pride. The piece inspired me to reflect on how the power of emotions made me a writer.

In the article, Baroque discussed his identity as a transman in the LGBTQ+ community. He said, “As my transition continues, I often find myself reexamining the way I embody masculinity and the way society’s standards for what constitutes “masculinity” fails to serve me and my community.” His confusion about how to be a man spoke to me. I heard a similar voice inside my head.

Loneliness taught me how to measure time with artistic milestones.

– Benjamin P. Gallagher

As a boy, I didn’t know how to stop being an emotional person. I felt conflicted about things like friendship all throughout middle and high school. Boys intimidated me but so did loneliness. I couldn’t interact with boys without feeling embarrassed about my emotions. Meanwhile, the loneliness provoked more feelings of loneliness, isolating me in a dark bubble.

Loneliness taught me how to measure time with artistic milestones. Achievements like writing a short story or even this blog post me made happy. I felt fulfilled. My sexuality didn’t teach me how to be creative. The isolation that my loneliness created inspired me to create art. Those moments inspired me to create more milestones to pass. I wanted to become a writer. The power to channel my emotions helped me pop the bubble. Similarly, Baroque’s article gave LGBTQ people the opportunity to reflect on their achievements as a community.

The moment struck a chord in the room – it demonstrated the power of fatherly care, both biological and spiritual, within our scene

Sydney Baroque in “My Ballroom ‘House Father’ Made Me the Man I am Today” on

Baroque wanted to help others when deciding to become the House Father of the House of UltraOmni. He threw his first ball in 2017 at the Brooklyn Museum called “The New York City Legacy Ball.” A young boy Desi Omni of the House of UltraOmni walked his first runway category that night. At the end of the show, Desi was invited back to the stage. Baroque and Desi’s biological father applauded their son. Baroque said, “The moment struck a chord in the room—it demonstrated the power of fatherly care, both biological and spiritual, within our scene.” This scene highlighted the unique experiences of Queer people. This story helped me appreciate Ball culture. I wanted to share that feeling with others.

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Benjamin P. Gallagher

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