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Covid-19 is misplacing a lot of human energy. From the bedroom to the living room to the front side patio, I’m trying to carve out a new routine. Yoga keeps me healthy and sane. The space between moments holds fresh air.

My lung reel love in from the Universe. I am learning how to cut time in half. The difference between last week and this stares me in the face. The white porch glimmers beneath the after sun.

I’m proud of myself for washing the walls. I’m proud of myself for sweeping the floor and wiping down the furniture. Because it means that I’m learning how to accept these beautiful circumstances.

Preparing space for the things you love can feel holy. How is your adventure going? How are you learning to embrace this challenging moment in human history? That’s a hard question to digest. But I know you can do it.



2 thoughts on “New Pressure

  1. bekitschig says:

    We started week 6 at home and the place looks nicer and nicer each week. Stay safe, stay sane!

    1. BoyKitsch says:

      I hope the same for you. Thanks for checking in. Keep posting awesome content.

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