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BoyKitsch™️ earned 200+ views on his Go-go Audition video! Eye on the prize, everyone!  Is he a writer or just THOT Number 3? Maybe both? Did anyone see this coming? Well, maybe the parents did when they noticed the bills piling up.

Honestly, no one is more proud of me than Mom and Dad. They’re the first ones to cheer me on in life. From cradle to the dance floor, wherever I go they follow with free spirits. Growing up, their influence affected me in school, specifically the Elementary years.

“Stop trying to help me,” kids told me. The teachers placed me in a room with two classmates. I assisted mates with homework ranging from math to language arts. No one wanted my help.

“I’m not trying. I am,” the words rolled off my tongue. Now, I take a second to think about that moment when empathy and ego collided. My parents taught me to value other people’s perspectives. But other people couldn’t define empathy for me. Only I knew the difference between “trying” and “helping”.

“Thank you,” the girls said to me after every session. Similarly, I didn’t care if people defined my actions as “attention-seeking” as opposed to being vulnerable when deciding to become a Go-go dancer. So when the views reached 200 I felt not only happy but also fulfilled.

Thank you, everyone, who has been supporting me the past couple of months. Your love reassures my value in coming forth as a Queer individual with mental health challenges. With all my heart, thank you.



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  1. Ilene Gallagher says:

    Love you Ben and all that you aspire to be!

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