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When: October 18, 2019

Where: Downtown Orlando

Who: BoyKitsch


The Creative City Project hosted Immerse 2019, an annual interactive artistic event in Downtown Orlando from 10/18 to 10/19.

I walked to Orange Avenue while listening to “Hung Up” by Madonna. The song perfectly described my attitude towards life. I allowed so many opportunities to pass by before taking antidepressants. Now I wanted nothing more than to revel in every second of life!

First, I stopped by the Information Center where people waited in line for a photo by David Lawrence. He wanted to give others an honest and beautiful representation of themselves through photography.  Check out his page for more info!

“Do you watch American Horror Story?” I said to Alexis. The two of us met five minutes ago while standing in line for David Lawrence. Our conversation ranged from Veganism to television shows and rage.

“I’m still learning how to let go of my anger,” Alexis said. Due to a car accident,  she lost the opportunity to start competing in Bodybuilding Competitions. A careless driver offset the balance Alexis felt in life. Her loss reminded me of art school. img_8151

After failing to get into Cooper Union I struggled with rage. A fire consumed me from the inside out. Nothing mattered more than escaping Florida. I ran away more than once, never getting far before turning around. The fire followed me everywhere until the cool hand of forgiveness came out of nowhere!

“It’s really great that you’re talking about this,” I said. “No one told me to forgive myself. It took a long time until failure didn’t matter anymore.” Every word floated out of my mouth. Regret no longer held integrity down. I felt free to enjoy the rest of Immersion.

After taking the portrait shot I visited a couple of light installations. Funnily enough, Synthestruct built the piece you see in the picture above! Click here to see the first one in a previous post!

This one is called “Intraspection” and represented a Queer vortex of light and love for me to jump in! Self-acceptance made me into BoyKitsch. The person without a proper pronoun or version of success. I am not without thanks to God and the universe for making all things possible! <3

Thank You for reading! Also, Thank You Creative City Project for giving Orlando the opportunity to connect with others. I am so grateful to have met Alexis and for this time of self-reflection. If you’re still reading please leave a thoughtful comment and subscribe to my blog!

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