Benjamin Gallagher

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I waited a long time to feel this good about myself. No, let me correct that statement. I worked really hard to feel this good about myself. The storms passed but not without someone there to hold the umbrella. Through rain and shine, God preserved a piece of myself to give back to the world.

“Kitsch Heart” by Benjamin Gallagher   The human heart pulls destiny out of God’s back pocket. It falls back to Earth to find a quiet corner in South Florida. The plan unfolds on papyrus paper once held by the Daughter of Re. Fingerprints outline an unanswered prayer. The heart wonders why God would ignore such …

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“Queer Kitsch” Thank you @etoileboutique for helping me style this outfit! Your presence in the Central Florida area provides Queer people the opportunity to feel more like themselves. I am one of those people. I am this way because of the Anima spirit. I am this beautiful queer soul who will continue to create art. …

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