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Hi friends,

I took a short break from SM to work on my mental health. Insomnia and anxiety kept me depressed the past couple of months. Staying fit, finding a new apartment, a new roommate, and working two jobs weighed heavy on my mind. Depression grew out of the expectations that I controlled.

Somewhere along the line, my goals became a burden. I felt left behind by an imaginary version of myself. My parents and friends urged me to find help. I contacted Bliss Healthcare and found a great program for patients with anxiety.

This picture reflected my attitude at four days after treatment for depression. @wendywallenberg , a wonderful friend, grabbed me this doughnut from @Orlando_dough pop up! I enjoyed the sweet coconut frosting without stressing over my calorie intake. And for me, that was a big step towards happiness!

On this last note, I wanted to encourage anyone with depression to seek help! I resisted this change out of fear but here I am being happy. Being an influencer isn’t about being the greatest person at the best time. Be vulnerable. Be honest with emotion. Thank you to everyone who supports me. It means the most.

All the best,

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